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$500 TO THE 2023 CHAMPION!


Join us this Wednesday 6PM-9PM Eastern!

The Humpday Challenge is streamed live on The SimPit show hosted by Shaun Cole, Kevin Ford, retired Indy Car driver Robby Unser and real-world GT3 driver Bryan Heitkotter each third Wednesday of the month. Look for the live stream on YouTube at The SimPit Channel at 6pm Eastern 10:00pm GMT to get the password.

The monthly Ricmotech Hotlap Humpday Challenge consists of an undisclosed car and track. The car and track are revealed only minutes before the event begins and can range from Oval to Road to Dirt. Drivers may attend in person at Ricmotech or they may compete online in the monthly competition.

This month is an exciting and unique event and iRacers will have the normal 2-hour practice and a 30-minute qualifying session to determine the finalist for this month's Hot Lap Winner. Each winner of the Hotlap competitions throughout the year will win a Ricmotech Sim Racing T-Shirt and will then be entered as a finalist into the Hotlap Humpday Championship taking place December 20th, 2023.

The top finisher of the feature race in December will be claimed Hotlap Champion of 2023 and will win $500 dollars in RicmoBucks to spend on Sim Racing gear.


Will be revealed as soon as the Simpit show goes live on YouTube so tune in at 6pm Eastern for the password... join us for some hotlapping fun tonight!

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