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Reminder: Balance of Performance

As the second patch for the iRacing 2024 Season 1 build has been deployed and includes adjustments for the Audi R8 EVO II and Lamborghini Huracan EVO we feel this is a perfect opportunity to remind our drivers and teams, both current and prospective, of the league's policy on balance of performance.

While we hope to not need to make adjustments the reality is that sometimes the balance isn't where it needs to be in order to maintain manufacturer parity - to prevent our members from feeling they have to drive that one car to be able to compete. The Ricmotech Sportscar Championships at Xtreme Motorsports is committed to maintaining a competitive environment for all members and to allow them to do so in the cars they prefer based on the manufacturers, teams, or drivers they support in real life.

To that end, we are gathering information and guidance from all sources that we can. With our partners at Apex Racing Academy now publishing BOP tests at specific tracks this provides a great opportunity to enhance our experience at Sebring with an impartial reference point to work towards non-destructive adjustment guidance. The guidance will change from track to track as ARA has already shown much greater parity at Hockenheim than at CTMP; changes will not always be announced but will be available on any series' Raceday Specs page well in advance of first practice, so we advise drivers to keep an eye on these pages as they are your guide to competition at XMS. Our first planned adjustments are for the Acura ARX-06, Porsche 963, and Porsche 992 GT3 at CTMP and will be posted soon.

As in any endeavor we know we will not always get it 100% right. It is impossible as certain makes always have different advantages at different tracks and our tools are limited. Understanding this we welcome and encourage feedback prior to final practice on Sunday, so it is important to participate in the opening practice sessions on Wednesday and Thursday as there will be no changes after BOP is set for Sunday's final practice sessions. Please reach out to Kevin, Jeff, or myself with meaningful feedback and it will always be considered.

Please keep this in mind when registering. Do not feel pressured to take "the OP car" as manufacturer parity is a big part of our desire to present a realistic IMSA-style multi-class experience for drivers, sponsors, and viewers and we will always take action to maintain that parity.


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