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New Entries to RWC Pose New Challenges

With the amazing 2023 S4 build of iRacing, we have had some epic cars added for use in the Ricmotech World Challenge:

  • Acura ARX06 GTP

  • Porsche 963 GTP

  • Ferrari 296 GT3

However despite iRacing working to simplify number placement as they are now 100% committed to being the official sim of IMSA, there is still a slight issue with the new Ferrari 296 GT3: the "default Ferrari" design in the paint shop has no nighttime reflective patch on the number boards. This means in order for drivers to ensure proper appearance on our broadcasts, you will need to enter the iRacing paint shop and select any other design than option 2.

What about the 488? As the road series at Xtreme Motorsports has made a concerted effort to better follow the iRacing schedule so our drivers can better take advantage of setup shops, the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO will be available during round 2 at Fuji side-by-side with the 296. However, 488 drivers will have to make a decision on a new platform before round 3 at Road Atlanta. Drivers of other platforms may also change to the 296 before round 3.

This notice supersedes any language currently in the rulebook; the rulebook will be updated soon to match. That aside, please keep points penalties in mind if deciding to change classes; you are only allowed to swap once in your own class with no penalty; and that the first practices of round 2 and round 3 are the deadlines as league workers need ample time to make system changes and produce necessary assets. Do not rush your decision; please test the new content to your heart's content and make an informed choice. As always, please follow league guidelines when submitting liveries; if you are hiring a painter make certain they understand league requirements.

See you on track!


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