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Click the logo above to go to the Xtreme Scoring website

The Ricmotech Oval Championships various series take pride in presenting not only excellent competition on track for drivers, sponsors, and viewers but also in an immersive and visually appealing product for those same drivers, sponsors, and viewers. As sim racing gains a wider audience, it is more important than ever that all members show appropriate consideration for the league's vision and the requirements necessary to achieve it. Please take a few minutes to read the following guidelines and watch the embedded video; this will greatly reduce any confusion in regards to presentation requirements and will make the process of submitting liveries much more successful.

You will need to go to to create or login to your account to submit your paints. All paints that drivers wish to run to include their car, driver suit, and helmet must be submitted for approval no later than 24 hours prior to the beginning of any event.

  1. XMS Racing does not use Trading Paints for broadcast events. We have our own custom paint software we provide free of charge to all members and broadcast partners.

  2. All paints must be free from political, racist, sexist, nudity, profanity, and any other content that may not be suitable to all viewers.

  3. All liveries must be submitted as a tga 2048 x 2048 format. If you use a spec map for your paint you will need to submit your mip file.

  4. Any paint using custom numbers must have the correct number on their car that they are registered with in the series and the numbers must be easily readable from the iRacing TV cameras. Only two digit numbers may be used. (00-99)

  5. Each series will have custom contingency decals that will need to be applied to your paint. These decals can be downloaded below under the series you are registered for. Every driver will be required to remove the iRacing contingency decals and apply the league decals before submitting their paint.​

  6. Drivers are responsible for making any required corrections on submitted liveries; XMS cannot provide paint services to bring submitted liveries into compliance.

We are more than happy to provide any guidance or clarification needed; contact Ed Morris, Oval President, at any time to discuss.


login for loading & managing your paints

How to load Your Paint for your series

Open videos in "pop out" mode for a high resolution look

Note* Upon request an Admin can assign a member of your team as Team/Paints Manager giving them access to upload and manage your teams' paints.

installing paint updater
this allows the updating of paints to the drivers' & broadcaster systems 

Click the button above to go to install the paints updater

APPROVED contingency decals

The decals below are required to be on your paint to race in this league.

ARCA Series


Truck Series

Xfinity Series

Coming Soon.PNG

Xfinity Chevrolet Camaro


Coming Soon.PNG

Xfinity Toyota Supra


Coming Soon.PNG

Xfinity Ford Mustang


Cup Series

Coming Soon.PNG

Cup Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 


Coming Soon.PNG

Cup Next Gen Toyota Camry


Coming Soon.PNG

Cup Next Gen Ford Mustang


The files above are provided for you to line up your paints, and are not for use in a completed livery. 
Please use the league management software for livery submission; if you need assistance please contact a league administrator.


Our software has been developed by the league and is provided free of charge to our members and broadcast partners. We ask that all league members and broadcast partners run the updater before entering the session prior to every league event; please submit any feedback or issues to a league admin.

If prompted with security warnings, take the necessary steps to allow the program to run. The software is completely safe.

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