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Return of the Audi R8: Painting Guidelines

The Ricmotech World Challenge is pleased to welcome back, by popular demand, the Audi R8 LMS GT3! While we certainly hope its return adds to the excitement for our drivers, viewers, and sponsors we must also address the elephant in the room: livery guidelines. We know this is everyone's favorite subject (he said with an eyeroll and a wag of the eyebrows) but we must always be clear on league requirements.

It must always be remembered that this is a league based on IMSA. While we don't race exclusively at North American tracks, our goal remains to replicate the excitement and visual appeal that sanctioning body has developed over the years. Years ago when the Audi first entered the GTD class the number boards were blue and the board on the hood was indeed offset on the passenger side fender; however in recent years that board was moved to the center of the hood similar to the Porsche 911, and subsequently that is now how the board is placed on the official iRacing template and in the XMS decal set:

Official iRacing IMSA placement

Official XMS RWC placement

As the visual aspect of the racing is a key part of the league's growth strategy, we request that all drivers respect the league's desire to put forth a professional and visually appealing series to entertain viewers, attract sponsors, and grow opportunities for our member drivers. To that end we must remind all prospective Audi teams that liveries and/or spec maps with the SRO styled default white number boards and "PRO" decals will be rejected. We understand it can sometimes be difficult to secure a compliant livery, but we must stand firm on this. If you need assistance simply contact us on the Discord and we'll be more than happy to help get you sorted.

Thanks as always for aiding us in our goal to be the top US-based road racing league in all of sim racing, and we look forward to seeing the Audis back on the track!


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