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Race Condition Practice For RWC Season 7 Round 1

Drivers, it is no secret that there were some issues in races this past season. In order to be better prepared for the challenges of mixed class racing with our variety of skill levels, we will be using the first hour of final practice this Sunday May 7th to practice situations that will be encountered in the race. All drivers are strongly urged to attend.

Bobby Childs will serve as practice director, and will have admin control of the session. The goals will be to practice the starts of both classes, full course cautions, and mixed class passing situations. We will run each condition multiple times to ensure maximum experience benefit to handling conditions on cold tires, GTP cutting through GT3 battles, etc.

During this time the track will be considered red flagged, and all hot-lapping and setup work must cease. The track will be opened again for green flag final practice after the hour of directed practice. All attending drivers will need to be in Discord and have voice chat enabled on iRacing. Drivers not honoring the practice procedure will be black flagged; please respect our effort to ensure this new season of Ricmotech World Challenge starts as exciting and well executed as we know our drivers are capable of. This is the league and the drivers coming together to make sure we minimize the possibilities for frustrating happenstances like we saw last season.

We hope to see you Sunday!


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