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Urgent: GT4 Balance of Performance

To their credit, iRacing has acknowledged the issue with the GT4 class created in the recent patches. It is undeniable that the Porsche has a significant advantage at the moment, even over the new Mclaren 570s. To that end the league is issuing this temporary BoP penalty on the Porsche for the event at Belle Isle:

10kg weight added with 1% HP cut - NOT FINAL

Please remember when finalizing your car choice: this penalty is only for one round while we await the iRacing patch - this should not be considered an indication that the Porsche will not be competitive the rest of the season. It is vital that as many drivers as possible attend practice on Sunday so we can finalize the BoP settings for the event. Unfortunately we cannot overcome the issues with the BMW through BoP so we are asking all members to be patient until iRacing applies the corrective patch.

As always our goal is to empower members to feel they can be competitive in the make of their choice and not feel forced to compete in a specific car due to the challenges presented by iRacing's different track selection for a season than the league, or by design oversights in an update or patch. To that end please expect other BoP adjustments in the future, and do not worry about driving the car you prefer for your best enjoyment of our series.


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