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Updated Livery Requirements

Important note for all drivers signing up for the Apex Racing Academy discount: the league will be adding a decal signifying you as a participant in the program on the c-pillar of your car.

You may also notice the number plate and other decals on the TCR have changed colors! Based on feedback from the broadcasts we are changing the color patterns used for the road course series at XMS: moving forward the top PRO division of any series will be red and its AM division will be green, meaning that in the Sportscar Series GT4 will now be red/green. The second class in a series, such as TCR, will feature blue for PRO and orange for AM. As we move through 2022 and into 2023 you will see Classic Sprint adopt this change as well. This will create a scenario where viewers of our broadcasts will almost always know PRO and AM by the red and green plates. decals, banners, and wing-ends with the only differences being TCR and any prototype classes.

We thank you for your attention to this important notice. Please keep an eye on the paints page for updates to the painting guides.


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