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TLDR: 2021 S4 Patch 1 Notes

First, we cannot begin this post without congratulating our longtime series sponsor RICMOTECH on their new partnership with iRacing! Not only are they now an official iRacing series sponsor, they have been added to the paint shop with this patch. Frank and his staff offer quality products and support, and we are thrilled with their success and proud of our continued partnership with RICMOTECH.

Secondly: why is a night scene from Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta the featured image for this bulletin? You'll see below!


- A fix has been applied for an issue where the environment map for cars (and some other objects) would stop updating, and therefore not update for any sky\lighting changes, when using a camera outside of the car cockpit with the number of Dynamic Cubemaps set to 0.

- Fixed an issue with SMP/SPS and animated characters at tracks where SpeedTree is utilized.


- Some lighting settings have been adjusted to subtly reduce the warm hues seen in daytime lighting. (This may be the long awaited "yellow" fix!)


- Material assignment has been updated for a screw on the front fender grill.

Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020

- For custom paints, some decal UVs have been adjusted to prevent them from bleeding onto the rear wing.

- Fixed an issue where tires would become translucent in smoke.

- Fixed the look of some mirror mount screws.

- Fixed a pitboard and spec error in some textures.

(Hopefully Ferrari will send Brian Simpson the updated CAD to fix the rear diffuser soon)

Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

- Cockpit textures have been updated.

Road Atlanta

- New buildings have been added to the track.

- Lighting has been updated in a number of areas and this track is now ready for night racing!

- A gap in the pitwall has been filled.

- Various wall end caps have been added.

There have been multiple updates to tracks for signage and hiding seams, with Hungaroring Circuit receiving many changes; you may read the full patch notes here.


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