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Ricmotech CSS-Special Fun Monday Event!

FUN CSS MAZDA EVENT - MONDAY MAY 31ST, 2021 Drivers: We are hosting a special preview event of our Season 19 Dual Sprint Race format that was announced on the new schedule this week.

For those that are available to join let's go out and have some off-season fun!


05:20PM (EST) (09:20 GMT): Practice Begins (135 min.)

07:55PM (EST) (11:55 GMT): 10 min. Relaxed Drivers' Meeting

08:05PM (EST) (12:05AM GMT): Lone Qualifying (15 Min.)

08:20PM (EST) (12:20AM GMT): 1st - 30 Minute Race

08:55PM (EST) (12:20AM GMT): 5 Minute Warmup

09:00PM (EST) (01:00AM GMT): 2nd - 30 Minute Race

09:30PM (EST) (01:30AM GMT): Post Race Wrap Up IN-SIM SESSION TIME OF DAY IN-SIM PRACTICE-2:45PM (Local) IN-SIM QUALIFYING-5:30PM (Local) IN-SIM RACE TIME- 5:45PM (Local PRACTICE & RACE CONDITIONS Forecast Weather: 74 degrees, Humidity 66%, Skies Partly Cloudy, NE Winds @ 8 mph We update the weather at least every 48 hours on the website. Final determined weather will be in Sunday's practices


ST Global Mazda - Fuel Max Capacity 60% TRACK STATE 40% Rule Book:


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