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New World Challenge GT3 Paint Guides Available!

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The Ricmotech Sportscar Series has, since its inception, attempted to model itself as closely as possible after IMSA. As the majority of members participate from North America, it only makes sense to emulate quality North American road racing competition. With major changes coming to IMSA's top-tier in 2022 our top series, the Ricmotech World Challenge, is following suit - albeit a few months early. Gone now are the GTE cars which have thrilled us for so many years; now, the next level of competition below prototypes will be GT3 Pro.

The GT Pro badge; the class will feature red number plates, mirror pods, winglets, and windshield banner

Have no fear however, as we will also maintain a class for amateur and recreational drivers: GT Am.

The GT Am badge; the class will feature green number plates, mirror pods, winglets, and windshield banner

Additionally, the Corvette C8.R; Porsche 911 RSR; and BMW M8 GTE are no longer available on this site. Instead we have new entries for GT3 competition, creating a total of six GT3 entries, all of which are available to GTP and GTA drivers:

  • Porsche 911 GT3R

  • BMW M4 GT3

  • Audi R8 LMS

  • Mercedes AMG

  • Ferrari 488 GT3

  • Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO

Wing Design

At the request of Frank Rico, our series title sponsor, all rear wings will be black and will feature the driver's name. This is a design element from the Road To Indy series that Frank really likes to help improve driver recognition, so please make note of this important change for 2021 and beyond.

Known Template Issues

Lately iRacing has had a bad habit of "baking" the parts for their default paint into the spec map that they provide with their templates, making it a chore to cut these parts out for creating your own spec map. We saw this with both the Corvette GTE and the Dallara P2, and they did it again with the BMW M4 GT3. In order to make creating your own custom designs easier, we are supplying members with our own simplified version of the template.


For the second half of 2021 we are simplifying the BoP, with a focus on being success based: if any make takes all 3 podium positions, that make will receive a horsepower penalty. If the same podium lockout occurs in subsequent rounds, a penalty not greater than 50% of the initial penalty will be applied again until balance improves. Unlike real life we cannot apply per-driver ballast, so we feel this system is the best compromise.

We are attempting to not use weight as that can cause other setup issues, and HP penalties will be alleviated if the make in question is deemed to be struggling after penalties are applied. Also, we feel iRacing has done a good job of balancing the GT3 class at this time, and will therefore only take action based on podium lockouts.

Please note: the league still reserves the right to make adjustments as needed in the event a make is found to be wholly uncompetitive at a track on the schedule.


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