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Mercedes-AMG GT4 Paint Guide Now Available

In order to make livery submission simple for our drivers, we normally place our decals in similar positions as provided by iRacing for official series races. However, we felt the MOTUL decal was placed in a position that was not conducive to providing visibility to our partner PROforma Elite Texas Graphics, and therefore chose to place our decal in a different position. We do not want to make it harder for our members to submit liveries, but this change was necessary.

Please remember the following changes are being allowed between Round 3 at Barber and Round 4 at Laguna Seca:

- McLaren drivers may change to any GT4 without penalty

- All GT4 drivers may change to the Mercedes-AMG without penalty

You must notify Kevin Ford in writing via email or on the league Discord before first practice opens for Laguna Seca. The guide may be downloaded here. We are looking forward to welcoming this new make to the series!


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