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Mercedes-AMG GT4 Coming to SCS!

One of the top contending makes in the real world IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge has finally come to iRacing, and we are excited to announce that it will be joining the Ricmotech Sportscar Series as well!

In keeping with our new policy of following the iRacing schedule as best as possible to allow drivers the best possible opportunity at obtaining a competitive setup, and in part due to the limit of 8 car classes, we sadly will have to say goodbye to the McLaren 570s GT4 but we feel this will be in the best interest of fostering competition in the series.

Beginning round 4 at Laguna Seca:

- Any driver may switch to the Mercedes-AMG GT4 without penalty.

- Drivers leaving the McLaren are allowed to switch to any make without penalty as a bonus reward for the hardship placed on them of losing the car they intended to run the season with.

Painting guides will be available in the next day or so. Drivers must declare their intentions to change cars in writing to Kevin Ford via email or in the league Discord before first practice opens for round 4. We are very excited to see what this new make brings to the series and have our fingers crossed iRacing will find a way to increase the car count.


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