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Lambo Decal Guide Now Available

The decal guide for the Huracan is now available! It features the hood number plate in the IMSA configuration rather than the SRO style used on the default iRacing template, although the plate is generally in the same area; this plate can be moved to the opposite side of the hood upon request.

This guide also debuts the new Proforma contingency decal - the sponsor's name is now much easier to read, and the rectangular design is more visually appealing than the square design used previously. This new version will be used on all cars in 2021 - existing guides are still good as this new decal will generally be placed in the same position as the old decal. Current guides will be updated however with the new decal as soon as possible.

As always, please do not submit the guide with your completed livery or corrections for the guide in your spec map. Liveries will only be accepted in TGA or PNG format - do not submit MIP files.


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