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BoP Guidance for Sportscar Series

The guidance provided below is based on performance over the season in this series; discussions with professional setup makers; and observations from other series. The Porsche has been noted to have a distinct advantage over a run in regards to tire wear, fuel burn, and total pace compared to the other two makes and iRacing has indicated no plans for further adjustments. Please feel free to contact the admins if you have questions or suggestions.

Porsche Cayman 718 GT4

  • 1% HP cut

  • 15 kg ballast

Performance will continue to be monitored for further changes; balance will be reviewed as well if any changes are implemented by iRacing. Driver participation in practice is requested to be sure the balance is adequate. Our hope is that all SCS competitors will continue to help us gather data and provide feedback so that we can ensure a fun and competitive environment for fans of all the makes in the GT4 class.

Administrative Staff


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