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An Adjustment is in Order!


It seems we have been lucky for some time now however it appears a small BoP may be in order as we look at results across the iRacing service. The primary structure of this series is to represent many manufacturers and emulate the real-world series to the best of our degree.

It not only adds more storyline to the racing, but it brings more diversity, dynamics and representation of driving to style to the mix. As much as this is a sensitive topic to some, including some staff, we all agree that having everyone in half of the available manufacturers is a bit odd.

We do want everyone to know that we encourage the feedback of the drivers as this will play a big part in the decisions that are made by our BoP panel.

Below are some highlights regarding the BoP moving forward for all XMS multiclass series:

  • BoP Driver Feedback: Please utilize Discord the #suggestions channel under each appropriate Series to express your opinions on the latest adjustments

  • Adjustments: We will provide one setting for Wed. Practice, one final adjustment will be made post Wed. Practice. (This is subject for adjustment)

  • Limitation: No BoP adjustments will be made once Round 3 practice has begun

  • Amounts: BoP Adjustments will be minor (Mostly HP) With 13th week approaching one can hope these adjustments may not be necessary...

Remember drivers...

As always, BoP adjustments will be updated on the website (are updated now)

With all of this in mind consider your car choices as this will be the only opportunity to switch manufacturers up to the start of round 2.


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