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A Word From Bobby

I hope everyone is enjoying time with friends and family during this holiday season, but as we approach the new year I wanted to make sure our liveries are ready for 2023 as well! For starters: all the liveries have to be re-processed. This is for multiple reasons.

  1. New clearcoat feature. Some teams had the foresight to turn off the blue channel in their spec maps, but others didn't. If your spec map looks blue and pink, you likely have a full rough clearcoat which will now make your livery look bad on broadcast. Please check your spec maps and if necessary submit your livery again.

  2. New number boards and other decals for SCS. In keeping with our IMSA-based design philosophy, the number boards for SCS have been "flipped" compared to the World Challenge boards. Also, series badges have been added to the cars in other "IMSA" locations to achieve a more realistic appearance.

  3. New ApexRacingTV decal. Working with our sponsor we have modified the ARTV nose decals to be more legible in the broadcasts. This change will affect all XMS road racing series.

Now for the answer to the question I know everyone is asking: can you just reprocess what I already submitted? Yes and no. If you want me to process a livery you submitted last year, it needs to be inspected first and may need adjustments. If you would like me to check your existing livery for you, please communicate with me on the league's Discord and I'll be happy to check - but any corrections needed remain the responsibility of the team/driver. Additionally if you would like to use the league's ability to run multiple liveries you would be better off checking the livery yourself against the new guides (available in our Discord) and making a new submission.

Speaking of the guides and Discord, you may have seen by now the "paints" page on the website is a barren wasteland - from 2023 on, all XMS road racing livery guides will be in a series channel on our Discord. It is important that all drivers visit the "roles" channel and assign themselves to the series of their choice to gain access to these guides as well as important series information and chat.

That's it from me, hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I can't wait to see all the amazing liveries for 2023!


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