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2023 Decal Package Debuts!

As 2022 comes to a close, we have decided to premier the 2023 decal package with the new season of the Ricmotech World Challenge. We are very excited about this package and the added visibility for our partners as well as the amazing appearance it will provide for our broadcasts. However, there are some big changes returning drivers will need to account for when deciding to reuse an existing livery:

First, there's the new number plate. The series name has been replaced with our main sponsor's logo, and the logo our partner PROforma Elite Texas Graphics can now be seen more clearly. It is essentially "upside-down" compared to previous seasons.

Other changes:

  • A new decal for Xtreme Scoring has been added to the rear of each car. It joins the ARTV decal in the placement usually used by the Michelin Man on the iRacing decal set.

  • A new series badge simply reading XMS takes the place of the IMSA badge. This includes the real life location on the grill of the BMW M4 GT3.

  • Simplified versions of the class badges, without the "Ricmotech gear logo", have been added to the Dallara LMP2 and Audi R8 LMS GT3.

  • The XMS and PROforma sections of the number plate have been split out on the sides of the Dallara LMP2 as well as the hoods of the Audi R8 LMS GT3 and Porsche 911 GT3R, as seen in the IMSA decal sets.

  • In conjunction with ARTV, the Apex Racing TV decal on the front of the cars has been modified to use white text on a light blue background for a fresh appearance.

  • The decal for PROforma on the front of the cars has been modified to make it more visible.

  • A decal for Apex Racing Academy has been added to all cars. Once a proper tracking system is in place, this decal will only appear on cars for members using the league discount program.

Do not rely on older painting guides (or the IMSA set provided by iRacing in the case of the BMW M4 GT3) moving forward; all members are advised to download the latest guide for their make of choice. As always, all guides are available here.

Additionally, all drivers are advised to join our Discord. This RWC season we'll be moving race communication away from Teamspeak, so make sure you're ready.


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